Go Kart outdoors Racing centre in Cardiganshire, West Wales

Three different types of karts available for hire to ensure all family members can enjoy the family day out.

All our Go Karts are fitted with bumb bars

125cc Racing karts for hire see price page
200cc Go Karts available for hire. These are capable of 50mph.

Height restrictions
Senior Karts = min 4ft 10" - 147cm
Junior Karts = min 4ft 6" - 137cm

The CB Go Karting Wales Track

  • Outdoor track
  • 750 meter track
  • Combinations of flowing corners, tight hairpins and long downhill straight
  • Large run off areas
  • Tyre safety barriers
  • Different layout track

 Go Karting RULES
    Do not walk in the pit lane until requested.
    Helmets must be worn and securely fastened.
    Visors must be down when driving.
    Race suits and gloves must be worn.
    No contact or blocking allowed.
    No Flip-flops or sandals
    Do not drive with any loose itemssuch as keys, mobile phones etc.
    Loose items of clothing must be removed before driving.
    A race suit must be worn
    Karting is not suitable for people with heart conditions.

Motor sport can be dangerous and customers are reminded that they are participating at their own risk.


Drivers must ask a member of staff if they are unsure about any safety issues



Camera for Hire





minigpMini Grand Prix every Wednesday!

Remember to book before coming

2pm every Wednesday

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